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With innovative designs that transform from infant to youth to adult beds, Simmons Kids builds furniture to last. Examine a piece and see the fine furniture details: European hardwoods, mortise and tenon joints, soft detailing on corners and edges, fully dovetailed drawer boxes, solid wood components, lustrous finishes.

Parents with an eye for quality understand that bedroom furniture should be built to withstand years of daily use. Parents with an eye for style want their choice of furniture to fill their child's room with functional beauty that transcends time.

Each piece of Simmons furniture is expertly constructed with quality materials, skillfully blending form and function and equipped with the latest in features and conveniences to fit modern lifestyles.

When you purchase a piece of Simmons Juvenile Furniture, you can be assured that you have invested in an exquisite piece that will stay with your family for years to come.

Furniture, especially quality furniture, may be a major investment and with proper care it can last a lifetime. With an investment like this, you want to properly care for your furniture to have everlasting beauty and enjoyment as well as maintain exceptional operating functions.

Simmons furniture is manufactured using Solid Woods and sometimes Composite Wood Products and Veneers. We work with the leading manufacturers of Wood Finishes to ensure that only the finest materials are used to finish your product. When caring for your product, remember, it is the finish you are cleaning, not the wood itself.

Dust several times a week to maintain a clean surface and protect the finish from build- up. Use a clean, lint-free, absorbent cloth for general dusting.
Many household cleaning products can be very aggressive, actually harming the beautiful finish of your furniture. Before cleaning your furniture, read the directions on the cleaning product you intend to use to ensure it is recommended for use on wood furniture and follow all directions for use. In most cases you should not spray or pour cleaning products directly onto the furniture. It should be applied to the cloth used for cleaning first, before the cloth is used to wipe the furniture.
Once a year, using a clean soft cloth, wash your wood furniture surfaces with a sudsy solution of mild soap and water. Rinse with a soap-free, damp cloth and dry immediately with a soft, lint-free cloth.

Protect all wooden furniture from direct sunlight. Exposure to the sun's rays can dry out the wood and actually bleach out the color. Avoid extremely moist or dry air. Use a humidifier or dehumidifier when needed to help keep wood from drying out or warping. Use caution when a vaporizer or humidifier is in use. Always aim vapor away from the crib as well as any other wooden furniture. Do not place your furniture near air vents; the forced air will adversely affect the wood.

Avoid rubbing against your furniture with such objects as belt buckles, buttons, zippers or snaps from pants or any sequence on clothing so your furniture does not get scratched. If you need to reach over your furniture, place a dry towel over the furniture while doing so, to protect it.
Never let water stand on a wood surface. Use coasters or a protective plate under flower vases filled with water to keep moisture from drawing into the wood. Use felt or cover the bottoms of accessories when placing on top of your dresser to prevent scratching.

When operating the drawers, please be sure to pull them straight out and avoid applying any downward pressure. Gently close drawers to preserve the finish and wear and tear on the drawer glides.



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